Life Crystal Water


Life Crystal Water is a purified concentration Life Crystals

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Life Crystal Water is a purified concentration Life Crystals (ATP and GTP) with the alcohol and the 5 carbon sugars removed.

Life Crystals are produced in a duplication of photosynthesis, the solar energy synthesized adenosine and guanosine phosphates (ATP & GTP) from fruit and vegetable juices. This permits us to provide ATP directly from plants for cells, thus bypassing the Krebs cycle. The ATP brings our mitochondria into superlattice resulting in superconductivity which occurs when electrons are arranged in Superlattice order.

All life is dependent upon energy production in the form of ATP and GTP molecules mainly through glycolysis in conjunction with the citric acid cycle. These energy yielding reactions are dependent upon normal enzymatic activity. Therefore, all life is dependent upon healthy DNA and RNA found in the nuclei of our cells.

By providing readily available ATP and GTP, it is possible to ensure optimal energy levels necessary for cellular and genetic growth, repair and function. In Life Crystals, the energy transducer is located within the ATP and GTP.